Immediate Action requested:

Demand inclusion of the bipartisan Latz Amendment that prohibits Internet Service Providers from selling consumers’ private personal data to the highest bidder without the expressed consent of the consumer within the Jobs/Commerce Finance Omnibus Bill that is currently being negotiated in the Minnesota State legislature.


Senate District 44’s Senator Paul Anderson is a member of the Omnibus Jobs/Commerce Finance bill conference committee that is working to create a single bill that reconciles the MN House and Senate bills.   The conference committee recently adopted a delete-all amendment that was apparently negotiated behind closed doors which dropped language which prohibited Internet Service Providers (ISP) from selling consumers’ private personal data to the highest bidder without the expressed consent of the consumer. State Senator Ron Latz offered this amendment shortly after Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress repealed internet privacy protection laws and it passed 66-1 off the Senate floor with STRONG BIPARTISAN support.

The language of the amendment was in both the House and Senate bill, so it is extremely disappointing to see MN Republicans remove language which protects Minnesotans’ privacy and clearly has strong bipartisan support. Protecting Minnesotans’ private data should be at the top of Paul Anderson’s priorities, not caving into special interests and playing political games.

For more background information on the amendment, please see: (on the removal of the amendment from the conference committee bill), (on the strong bipartisan support for the bill), and (on the Federal law changes that make the amendment necessary to protect Minnesotan’s privacy).

Suggested Talking Points:

DFL SD44 has developed the below talking points that should resonate with Senator Anderson and the rest of the conference committee:

  1. Disclosure of each Minnesotan’s online activities should be under their control, not sold, bought, and paid for by powerful companies and special interests without their permission
  2. Support for individual control of release of their information is broad-based across Minnesotans of every political stripe and within both parties in the legislature
  3. As one of the very few members of the conference committee that will decide the bill, Senator Anderson needs to show leadership on this issue or he will be held accountable by his constituents; making sure the amendment is part of the bill that goes to the Governor is his responsibility

In any case, please do use your own words and reasons in communicating with the legislator(s).

Further actions requested:

Contact Senator Paul Anderson via email, phone, and social media, state clearly that you are a constituent and voter, and demand inclusion of the Latz ISP Privacy amendment:

  1. Call his office at (651) 296-9261.
  2. Email him via his online form at
  3. Tweet to him at @PTAnderson_MN demanding inclusion of the Latz ISP Privacy Amendment and using the hashtags #ISPPrivacyMN and #MNLeg. Also like and retweet other supportive tweets. SD44 will retweet supportive tweets using this hashtag, so check @DFLSD44 often (and make sure to Follow us!).
  4. Visit his Capitol Office at 95 University Avenue W., Minnesota Senate Bldg., Room 2103, St. Paul, MN 55155.

Prepared and paid for by Senate District 44 DFL, 4140 St. Marks Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55305-5059 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee

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